From:   John Wilde <>
Subject:   Re: [lpaz-discuss] Thought on Federal I.D. and Prop 200
Date:   Fri 09/03/04 09:38 AM 
So too with the Driver's license.  Although there is an interesting case
pending in the Court of Appeals that could give the gummy boys some 
indigestion.  The federal agency (Child Support Division of the 
Department of Health and Human Services) that enforces the SSN 
requirement has issued a memorandum that if the person doesn't have a 
SSN then an affidavit to that effect will satisfy the requirement.  
Several states have already codified that into their laws.  Arizona 
hasn't, but it looks like the Arizona Courts are ready to follow that 

John Wilde

C. D. Tavares wrote:

> At 10:28 PM -0400 9/2/04, wrote:
> >     If Public Benefit is found by a Court to not be limited to the 
> programs
> > enumerated in Title 46, many of us believe that  will be the case, 
> > Federal verification of a Citizens Immigration Status will be 
> required for a
> > Library Card, a Building Permit, a Hunting License, a Fishing 
> License, and
> > every other conceivable Government regulated human activity.
> >
> >     Alfredo Guttierrez
> What does he mean, "will" be?
> Arizona hunting and fishing licenses already require your SSN, and the
> federal government demands the state check your name against the "deadbeat
> dad" database before Arizona can issue them.
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