on monday around 6:00 a.m. i took the bus from 16th street and glendale to SCC. normally i use a bus pass but this week i am paying with cash and using transfers. i transfered on the camelback bus at 16th street and camelback at around 6:16 a.m. that took me to SCC and got me there at about 7 a.m.

Monday, March 1, 2004 at 7:35 p.m. at Scottsdale College the driver of the 50 Camelback Road Bus told me he was not going to let me ride on the bus because he though my sleeping bag smelled.

he said on prior bus rides my sleeping bag smelled and he was not going to let me ride on the bus this time. i suspect the real reason is because i am homeless and he wanted to f*ck over a homeless person. or perhaps becaus i hate crooked cops and currently am suing several pigs in federal court for civil rights violations. i may have mentioned that to him on a prior bus ride. but i guess he is really dumb if he is going to sue a person like me that gets his jollies by suing pigs in federal court for civil rights violations. and i do plan to see this *sshole for violating my civil right in federal just like i am suing the several police officers.

i told him i wanted to talk to his supervisor. he refused to call him and probably lied and told me that he already talked to his supervisor about it.

i told him i was going to sue him which i have every right to do. i then told him i wanted his name.

he found a piece of paper and gave it to me. while i was writting down his name and asking him questions he slamed the bus door on my hands and arms and caught them between the doors. i suspect he was just being mean. i didnt threaten him or anything. i only told him i wanted his name and that i was going to sue him.

I was going to call the bus folks to complain but i needed to get home so i walked instead. I hitchhiked and a lady (a nurse) gave me a ride to scottsdale road and indian school.

At indians and school and scottsdale road i walked two blocks just past goldwater street and waited about a half an hour for the 41 or indian school bus. a lady was driving it and she gave me a ride to indian school and 24th street. I asked her for her name and number. she refused to give me her name. she did give me her badge number.

I then took the 24 bus from 24th street and indian school to 16th street and glendale. a black guy was driving it and when i got on the sign was wrong. it said SMCC instead of glendale and 67th ave. I told him his sign was on drugs and he thanked me and fixed it.

when i got off at 16th street and glendale i asked him for his badge number. he seemed to think i was going to report him for having the wrong sign on the bus. i told him that another bus drive was giving me a hard time and that i just wanted him to be a witness and say i didnt do anything wrong.

I tried calling the bus folks to ask for a copy of the video tape from the bus that would show the driver assulting me by closing the doors on my hands. they were closed and i wasted 35 cents.

tuesday morning at about 6:00 a.m. i again took the 16 bus from glendale and 16th street to camelback and 16th street.

I then transfered to the 50 bus and took it from camelback and 16th street to SCC.

today i am going home and i dont know what bus I will take. probably the 50 to central or the 76 to tempe or scottsdale bus stateion. i will scan the transfer when i get it.