Bus Driver refuses to give me a ride because I'm homeless

i think this same bus driver jerked me around before

it was either monday when i left early cuz my teacher didnt show up for class that night or maybe tuesday. maybe even wed but then i left at the reuglar time. or perhaps thur becuase i always leave early on thru. maybe friday. i dont remember.

but it was a day that had rained. or rained a little.

first the bus was empty or almost empty and the stupid camelback bus driver told me to take my feet off the seats. well i didnt have my feet on the seat but my feet were on the seat hand rests. i took my feet off to please the asshole. (i think it was him. i dont know for sure, get records to verify it. it was the 50 bus though).

then 30 seconds or so after i removed my feet the asshole yelled at me again to to roll up my sleeping bag.

I was pissed because parts of my sleeping bag were wet from the rain and i laid it across the back seat of the bus to dry. their was almost no one on the bus and my sleeping bag wasnt bothering anybody but this asshole tells me to roll it up, which means it wont dry and i will have to sleep in a wet sleeping bag.

even though the guy was an asshole i rolled it up.

i should say the few other times it rains the other bus drivers dont complain about me laying out my sleeping bag to dry. but i guess this guy isnt just another bus driver, he is a real stinking flaming asshole!

this may have been the day i left early (cuz it was still light outside) and i saw the ladys on the bus, one was a kinda sorta babe who had a scarf on, and she had a bag from some place that takes care of abused women in need. she was with another lady. when they left they forgot their bag. i yelled at them but by that time they were gone. but they did come back and get the bag. they got off on 24th street. they may have been from outside of phoenix. they didnt seem to be aware that the east valley is streets and the west valley is avenues with central in the middle.